A Match Made by Chloe

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A Match Made By Chloe - a novel by t.b.pearlChloe is a gifted matchmaker who can see when two people are meant to be, but is blind to her own soulmate.

Ian is a love-scorned reporter intent on exposing her as a fraud.

When Ian goes undercover as Chloe’s newest client, he discovers there is much more to Chloe than meets the eye…

And they both discover that Fate has quite the roller coaster ride in store for them in their quests to find true love — the kind that lasts a lifetime.




A Passion and a Dream

Inspirational eBook for Creatives of All Types

What do Lady Gaga, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Quentin Tarantino, George Takei and David Sedaris all have in common?

They all were once-starving artists in pursuit of their Big Break. Not one of them was an overnight success. Not by a long shot.

Instead, they each embarked on a road less traveled… A journey of courage, dedication and heart-wrenching perseverance.

Discover how they and other now-famous writers, actors, musicians, designers, filmmakers and performers got to where they are today.

And come away renewed and inspired that, with passion and a dream, you too can achieve your creative heart’s desire.

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