About Us

We are an indie publishing house specializing in fiction and nonfiction books that are creative, original and mass-market.

We are lifelong lovers of the written word and sycophants for beautiful prose that touches the heart, mind and soul.

Manuscript Submissions

We are very selective in the authors we choose to publish.

First and foremost, we like to work with authors who:

  • were voracious readers in their youth
  • are grammar nerds (but not annoying grammar Nazis)
  • have seriously studied the craft of writing to the point where they have the knowledge and self-confidence to think outside the box; to be original and a fresh new literary voice; the box and break the rules sometimes with authoritative flair!
  • have written lots of stuff through the years (published, in desk drawers or otherwise)
  • have lived an interesting life thus far, with lessons gleaned and stories to tell from their struggles, triumphs, adventures and misadventures

Second, we only review fiction and nonfiction manuscripts that are:

  • 100% complete
  • NOT your first draft
  • Have been revised, from beginning to end, back on honest feedback from read at least 3 people in your life, be it family and friends, your book club, writer’s group, MFA workshop, etc.

If you meet all of the above, message us on Twitter or Instagram with a fun backgrounder on you and a synopsis of your manuscript and if we’re interested, we’ll be in touch!

Note: We like to work directly with authors and aren’t accepting manuscripts from literary agents at this time.

Author Benefits Include

  • Work with an editor to polish your manuscript
  • Cover design
  • Get your book published in paperback and ebook
  • Digital marketing of your book
  • Above-average author royalty (note: we don’t offer advances)