Lil Rel Howery on His Break Out Role in “Get Out”

Everybody makes a decision about where they want their career to go.

If I really want something, I put a lot of effort into it. If I don’t want something, I won’t.

And [the Get Out] script, as a comedic actor, this is what you dream of.

It’s not a comedy, so the only person who’s going to be funny in this movie is me! I’m not sharing the funny with nobody. This is great.

If you’re going to walk away thinking of anybody being hilarious it’s only going to be me!

And to have Jordan Peele, who’s another performer so he’s not married to every little thing — he’s actually enjoying watching the performance. You’re actually doing it better than he thought.

I hope that the next few roles that I get, and there’s a couple scripts I’m looking at now, even the stuff I’m going to develop on my own, I ain’t staying in line.

I got a lot of range to me.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

~ Lil Rel Howery


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