Carrie Mae Weems on Dance & Photography

It really wasn’t my intent to be a dancer. It was just a natural part of my makeup.

I had joined Anna Halprin‘s company. She was a very progressive, interesting, dynamic dancer—who is still dancing to this day in her 90s.

In 1970, she was already really interested in bringing [diverse] people together in order to have them experience one another, [as a way to be] in touch with the deeper humanity of the people around you that may look different from you.

What I think dance also gave me was a sense of how one can use the body and how the body can be used as an expressive tool.

I started doing self-portraits.

I always thought about the pictures of myself as not necessarily of myself but as an entity, a form that could express something that needed to be expressed.

~ Carrie Mae Weems


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