Joe Rogan on the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

I love comedy.

Still do, after all these years. I love a good joke, and I love a different point of view that makes me laugh.

That’s why I got into stand up in the first place, because I’m a fan of the art form.

To this day, after 17 years in the business, I still get excited when a really good stand up goes on stage.

It inspires me.

Whenever I see Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle or Dave Attell or Doug Stanhope or Jim Norton or Nick DiPaolo or any other great stand up comedian go on stage, I get happy.

I just love it.

Even more now than ever before, because I really understand what goes into the craft of making good material.

The place you need to take your mind to think of something no one else has thought of before, or at least a thought that no one else has been able to put into a form that makes people laugh.

It’s an amazing skill, and it’s an incredibly under-appreciated art form.

I love when someone is really good at it…

And I really, really fucking hate when someone is faking it.

~ Joe Rogan


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